Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The last week!

The last week in pictures and in no particular order... :)
I'm going to be completely honest here and say that the last week has been a REALLY rough one...  I don't know why...  I've been sad for really notI know it doesn't make sense to me either... hing at all, and for everything,  all at the same time!   I've been tired, REALLY tired, and forgetful, and that "I must be invisible" feeling came back again....  ugh... 
I feel like I have seriously been holding back tears ALL week...  ugh...  what a horrible feeling...  finally yesterday I just couldn't anymore...  I was at work with tears seriously running down my face ALL day...  It can only get better right??  Geeezzzz I hope so, because this gloomy business sucks!!  ;)
I saw this the other day and TOTALLY LOVED it...  I think I need to have it, it speaks the truth, better than I could ever say it!  ;)
.....and then I saw this too...  I think so many people have the wrong definition of success...  and I love how it is defined here!  :)
....and my mom made us the best cocido EVER...  It was a perfect dinner to be followed by a fun-filled family evening!!  :)  the only sad part about this is that this may of been the last cocido until next winter!!  ;)
....and I woke up monday morning to this...  I'm in first place in my fantasy baseball league...  what do you know..  the only girl in the league is beating all of the boys!!  ;)  I know it may not last...  BUT I have to work it for all it's worth!!  ;)
Everyone swears by retail therapy, I tried it, it did nothing for me...  I think I'll stick to patry therapy instead!  ;)
I met Jaime and the boys at the park one day after work...  It was exactly what I needed that day...  good conversation with a good friend and endless hugs from the boys!!  oh how I LOVE them!!  :)
on their way to meet up with me, Brody picked me a flower...  a sunflower he told me!!  :)  thank you Brody you made Mia's day!!  :)
For Easter I had meant to make all the kids baskets...  I got as far as getting them coloring books, They've been rolling around in my truck for over a month..  I went ahead and gave them theirs...  and then they were on their way home...  I LOVe that picture of Jakey boy..  he was ready to walk with his coloring book in one hand and his milk in the other!!  ;)
Then I met my sister for dinner...  Steak sounded delicious to me!!  We ended up meeting at the roadhouse...  and it was yuuuuuummmmmmmyyyy!!  :)
Here's to the end of a blah week, in which I was thankful to still be surrounded by such wonderful friends and family!!  :)  I hope everyone has a terrific next week!!  :)  I'm on a countdown for a weekend adventure!!  :0 

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