Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Opening Day!! :D 4/6

Angel's home opener was a great friday night date night! ;) The ambiance at opening day is seriously AMAZING!!  I had never been and I am so excited that I got to experience it...  :) 
They had an awesome flyover before the game!  This picture does NOT do the size of that jet justice!
The BIGGEST American Flag I've ever seen!!  :)
....and it was firework night....  :)  This day couldn't of gotten any better...  ;)  baseball, fireworks, and beer, sounds like a good friday night to me!  :)
Go Angels!!  :)
Here's to a wonderful night, with GREAT company....  Thank you Don for the invitation, and for a wonderful evening!  :)
...and to finish the night off, a spooky full moon over by the Big A!!  :)
Angel's were in first place in their division after this game...  too bad that didn't last too long!!  ;)

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