Monday, July 19, 2010

Time for a Picnic!!!

on the wayh home from work one day I thought a picnic with the girls and the family would be fun!!! so I stppped by the store and picked up a couple of french breads to make a few sandwiches.... we got some chips and off we went!! :)
My dad was in charge of our picnic basket.... :0) and off we went to the park across the street!
I picked up some bubbles too, and that's the first thing we did.... oh yeah I picked up these "good for the environment" bubbles, and well lets just say I wasn't that impressed... :)
more bubbles....
and Vides and I set out our picnic spot.... everyone else wanted to eat on the bench... boooooring!! ;) of course Minnie was going to be joining us too! we were ready to eat our sandwiches and chips!! :)
then she went and joined everyone on the bench, and suddenly I was the lone ranger on the grass... :)
Then it was time to tumble.....
.... and tumble some more!
and back for more food!
awwww.... I miss my girl already!!! :)
hahaha!!! this picture only proves that my parents are ready for grandkids.... Thanks Bea for taking one for the team.... twice!!! we love you!! :)
Me and Lu before we left on our adventure... and yes this is her serious face, even though she was all happy and smily right before I took the camera out.... haha!!!

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B is for Boring said...

Fun times - and dang man... Lu is the most serious baby ever! hahaha