Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Daisy's, daisy's everywhere!!!!

.... and just like that class number 3 was among us... :) I must say that this fondant decorating class has been a blast... and i feel like I have learned so much... We had the last class today, and the final project is now done.... the blog on that will come soon! ;) the third class was basicallly learning how to make Daisy's and mums....
waiting for them to dry!

the makings of a mumm

The mumm.... not sure this one was my favorite, and it was REALLY time consuming to make!

all of the flowers.... awaiting what part they're going to play in the final project!! :)

I'm absolutelly sure that Daisy's were my favorite ones to make, that and the roses from the precious class... the mumms were very time consuming and mine didn't really turn out that great!! hahaha!!! stay tunned for the last week of this course.... and the "final" project! :)

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