Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Flip flops and high heels.....

The more I thought about this the more I REALLY wanted to blog about it.... I hate high heels, I pretty much always have.... hahaha!! I believe they are the most uncomfortable shoes in the history of shoes.... BUT I will bring them out for a special occasion, you know the one's, a wedding, a formal party, a funeral.... :( and that's just what I took them our for this time, a funeral.
I always give myself the benefit of the doubt, before I try and go out wearing the nightmare of a shoe.... ;) and I was so full of confidence last week that I even amazed myself.... lol!!!
Here I was.... and cleaned up and wearing heels, greeting people I hadn't seen in years.... after 10 minutes I thought.... pheeeew.... I made it, now it was time to go and sit thru the mass.... :) an hour and a few minutes later I was still wearing these "beloved" shoes.... hahaha And that's when I saw my brother looking at my feet.... What the Hell??? you're wearing heels?? hahaha!! I looked at him funny and said REALLY??? then after a few more statements, he said you're stupid for wearing those.... you're not gonna last more than a half hour.... (gotta LOVE little brothers... ;)) I replied VERY proudly that I had ALREADE lasted more than an hour.... and he was nice enough to point out that I had been sitting for most of that hour!!! hahaha!! he was so right.... I assured him that I would make it the rest of the day.... and he pointed out that I wouldn't make it past lunch.... ugh!!! as hard as I tried, he was right, I lasted like half an hour with them on... before I felt like I may need to shoot off my foot,, not both, just one, weird I know!!!
I was smart enough to pack a pair of flip flops in the car.... gotta always have an extra pair handy!! ;)
So it was on this day that I remembered how grateful i was for flip flops, comfortable and close to the ground!! ;) hahaha!!!
Here's to little brothers who "know" best..... funny the other day he asked me if I had burned the heels, hahaha!!! ;) I haven't yet.... but I just might soon, to make room for more flip flops!! ;)

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