Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cake Decorating here I come!!!!

So Gaby and I decided to take a fondant and gum paste class, we thought it'd be fun to learn how to use both of these things to decorate cakes.... The class turned out to be a lot of fun!!! we started off by making a bow out of fondant.... talk about jumping right in!! hahaha! I thought for sure that the bow was the final project, boy was i WRONG.... :) thankfully it wasn't very hard to do, the class is on tuesday nights, for 2 hours, and we're already looking forward to the next class.... :) here are a few pictures from the first class!!! :D
This is what my "work" place looked like!

Rolling out our mixture of 50/50 fondant/gum paste..... The teacher let us dye our fondant.... I decided to make a yellow bow and Gaby decided to make a pink one!!

getting the "ribbons" ready..... we made 14 total

The we made "bases" for some flowers we're going to make at the next class.... this one's going to be a carnation!

The first layer of our bow!

All done!!!!! :D

The pink one turned out super cute too!!!

Yep.... I was very proud of my final project!!! say Cheese!!!!!!!!!

Gaby and her final project!

more photos!!!! :)

We were so excited for our bows..... and we can't wait until the next class!!!! :)

Until next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


B is for Boring said...

ohhh looks super fun time... you just need a cake!

maria said...

the cake is the "final" project!!! :) we get to decorate it, and use the bow!!!