Thursday, July 15, 2010

Feeding the ducks!!

Bea and the girls have been here for 3 weeks, and we've had a lot of fun while they've been here.... I'm a little behind on the blogging business... But I'll catch up eventually!! ;) hahaha!!! Thursdays were MJ's day's..... it's my full day off, so we took full advantage! :) we decided on the first thursday that lunch was necessary, and what better place than Oscar's?? how could we turn down good food and a good ol' duck feeding??? The day was perfect too.... :) Vides and I feeding the ducks.... she was so excited, can you tell?? haha! Say Cheese MJ!!!

She was telling me about the duck with the crazy hair, and I was really interested!! lol!!!

Then she decided that she'd try and get his attention by throwing the bread, "as far as she could"..... "watch this!"
Me and Bea!!! and a little bit of Lu!!! :)

hahaha!!! :)such a beautiful clear day!
it was such a nice day that Vides decided to roll down the hill.... ready, set, roll!!
..... and roll......
...... and keep rolling..... :)
...... and rolling.....
Lu needed her diaper changed, so Bea did it on the bench..... "I'm allowed, she said, I have the "hispanic" gene in me"..... hahaha!!! go for it sister!!! :)
Vides couldn't get enough of the "one legged" duck!
..... she loved feeding the ducks..... then I heard her say, "one for you, and one for me!" appearantlyh she was "sharing" the breadsticks with the ducks.... too funny!!! I've decided that I LOVE this age!

hahaha!!! after she got "caught" sharing!!
that poor duck didn't know what it had coming..... she kept asking why it wouldn't come out and play with her????
Mommy got to feed the ducks too! :)
deep in conversation!!
Bea and her girls!
Vides, Lucciana and I..... :)
Vides put on a show for us..... she was singing and dancing..... it was very entertaining.....
hahaha!!! singing away!!
Bea and Lu, I promise Lu smiles ALL day long, and when she sees the camera she goes completely serious..... it's the funniest thing!
..... while Bea and V were off feeding the ducks Lu and I hung out..... i attempted a picture of us.... this is the best I got!! :)
and this one!! hahaha!! that's her "serious" face! ;)
A fun time was had by all.... Vides says she can't wait to go back and feed the ducks.... maybe next time!! ;)


DeBran said...

Great pictures! Looks like a fun time! And I love seeing your progress with your cake class!!

B is for Boring said...

Ah simple pleasures... I have'nt fed ducks or rolled down a hill in ages...

maria said...

haha!! Thanks DeBran.... cake class has definitly been fun!! :)
and yes Brian, it is definitly the simple pleasures.... :) you can up and meet me for lunch one day, if you want to feed the ducks!! ;)