Wednesday, July 28, 2010

One of the funnest "projects" I've ever made.....

..... and it was delicious too!! ;) ok, my opinion may be a little biased!
first order of business... preparing our flowers, and making our cake!! :)
mine was chocolate!! :D
this one's out of order... hahaha!!!b Gaby cutting the fondant to make it fit her cake!!
cutting and getting ready to make the first layer of my daisy's
our final product.... this one jumped in here too!! ;) Gaby made pink and white ones, and i had pink yellow and white.... we were so proud of our flowers!! :)
waiting to dry!
a close up.... I made just pink ones too!!
Gaby's creation
her center was supposed to be a darker brown, but it was taking forever to get the "right" color, so this is what we ended up with... I thought they turned out cute!!
I made leaves too!!! and yet I had no idea what my final cake would look like!! ;)
YES!!!! I was proud of the daisy's....
Krysta's cake was so cute!! I LOVED it.... it was bright and beautiful!
Gaby's cake was cute too..... :)
.... and mine..... I had to many decorations to work with... so this is what I came up with!

Jenny, Gaby and I, Jenny's cake was BRIGHT yellow... I LOVED that one too!! :)
Gaby and I..... We've enjoyed "sister" time so much that we decided to take another class..... :)

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B is for Boring said...

Just lovely! what a neat project!