Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pool time for Sisco Puppy!

Awwww.... Sisco Puppy, my sister's beloved dog, it got so hot last week, and since my cousin was still here, Gaby felt bad leaving him at their house ALL day, in the blazing heat, so Sisco got to come over to my house and hang out with us!!! :) He LOVED his "family" time.... hahaha!! Bea thought he should have his own pool, so off she went on her search, all she could find was this one, not what she had in mind, but she thought it would work.... so she got it! He didn't like it at first.... but he did enjoy the water from the hose! haha
yep, he was still unsure! I think this is when Vides was assuring him that it would be ok!
Hey Sisco!
mmmmm.... Ice.... and well this was the last of the pictures with the pool.... the boys went to go buy more ice to put in there, but by the time they came home, he had ripped up the whole inside of the pool, I'm not sure it was all his fault, we think his paws ripped thru it.... but he did enjoy himsef for a few minutes.... If ony we could of found one of those hard plastic pools.... anyone have any ideas???
My mom then thought we should just put the ice on the ground so he could lay on it, and lay on it he did!! :) isn't he such a cute puppy!! I LOVE this guy!! :)

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