Saturday, July 10, 2010

family fun!!!

When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are mosty filled with "family" happinesses!!

Tio Edu's passing made room for lots and lots of family time!!! Tio Rafa came down from Guate, and he got to spend lots of quality time with the family, especially with his two granddaughters, Vides and Lucciana!! Vides LOVES her abuelo, and he had a great time with her and the baby..... :) Virginia had us over for Pozole and so that we could all enjoy some quality time, before everyone had to go home!!! :)

Abuelo and Lu!! look at how happy she is!! I LOVE this picture!! :)

Tia Lela and Vides.... Vides decided to go and give her a hug, "because she Tia Lela was sad about Edu", Gosh I LOVE the way 4 year olds think!! :)
Me and Bea!
We tried so hard to try and get a picture of all of the little cousins..... this is the best I got! Sophia wanted NOTHING to do with the picture so she took off.... and I caught her in the act!! hahaha!!!
...... and this is what happened next! she was PISSED about the picture!!! lol!! Poor Sophie!!
The big cousins, and their offspring.... I'm almost positive we're almost outnumbered.... we were missing Lukas and Timothy for the little ones, and a few of the "big" kids! ;) great picture though, it's not everyday we get this many of us together at one time!!

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B is for Boring said...

you are so blessed to have a family that loves you!