Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Calla Lilies, Carnations, and Roses....

Week 2 of cake decorating class....

WOW!!!! just like that week 2 of our fondant and gum paste class came and went.... (last tuesday) :( I'm having such a good time, I don't really think I thought I would enjoy it so much! :) Week 2 was all about flowers.... :) The calla lilies, were so cute, but definitly not easy to make, even though I did make 2 of them!!

Step 1 of the calla lilie, "faninng" out the edges....

Not bad for being the first one! :)

Roses were next.... the first step!! :)

YAY!!! my first rose.... I was so proud of it, I could hardly contain myself!! ;)

Then we moved on to carnations..... definitly the MOST time consuming of them all.... not sure I will be making more of these guys, at least not out of fondant or gum paste!! ;)

The finished carnation project

......and we also learned how to make leaves!!! :)

Stay tunned for lesson #3

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