Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vides 1 MJ and Gaby 0

"what'd you do with your socks?, with a quivering look, "I just wanted them to see the city!"" :/

hahaha!!! what a terrific quote to start a post in which I'm going to praise all of my "mommy" friends, and family members... ;) you guys are seriously the best.... being the "mommy" is hard work, and how the heck does ANYONE keep a "straight" face when you get this as an answer??? ok.... the story goes like this, enjoy!! ;)

Vides asked to go to Disneyland EVERYDAY for like 2 weeks, Gaby and I decided to take her, it would be "our" day with her, we waited for Gaby to get off of work and then all three of us were ready to go.... so off we grabbed a quick lunch/dinner meal and off we went.... now Vides HATES shoes, and it's an ongoing joke that she will take them off almost immediatly when she gets in the house, in the car, seated at a restaurant.... hahaha!! it's a friggin constant battle to try and make sure we leave places with her shoes... :) so naturally we got in the car and first thing she did was take off her shoes... I was the driver, so Gaby would occasionally turn back and check to make sure everything was "ok"..... and it was, right about fullerton area, that the "puppets" came out to play... I thought "whatever, she's entertained!" on the fwy offramp I decided to roll down our windows a little, it was nice out! ;) so we rode with the windows open the rest of the way.... when we finally got to disneyland she was so excited that I was excited too, and we couldn't wait to get in!!! BUT wait, Gaby started gathering shoes and socks while I parked, oh wait, just shoes, the socks were missing.... oh well I said, we'll find them when we park.... but we didn't find them anywhere... we asked questions like, "what happened to your socks," a MILLION times... then I thought I'd be clever and changed the question.... "V where did you put your socks??" and there was also, "V did your socks fall somewhere?" all the while the answer was always the same, a very quiet, "I don't know," in the meantime Gaby's searching the car, all crevices were looked in, and nothing, then a lightbulb lit up and I said, did something happen to your puppets?? and she sunk into the seat a little and very softly said, "yeah, they flew out the window," WTF at that point I was so frustrated and Gaby was too, we just burst out laughing.... we spent 15 minutes turning the inside of the car inside out, only to learn the socks flew out the window... my sister couldn't stop laughing... how the heck was I going to get the point across that this was not a "smart" thing to do when I couldn't even keep a straight face myself?? so Gaby decided to go make a call, to my cousin while V and I talked about how it's unsafe to throw things out of the window of a moving car, she assured me that she knew that, and she only let them "fly" out when the car was stopped.... hmmmmm.... after we told her that there would be no complaining if her feet got cold we finally were on our way INTO the park.... hahaha!! later we found out that Bea, and my mom laughed at our expense for a long while!!! hahaha!! so there you have it, the story of a little pair of pink and white socks on vacation from SF that ended up somewhere in the city of Anaheim.... We can only hope that they're enjoying the "city".... ;)

We're here!!! she was sooooo excited!!

The jungle cruise turned out to be a favorite! she was so excited to see the elephants... haha getting ready to go on Snow White, the guy noticed she was a little scared so she got to hold a flashlight! ;)
a group shot!
what's disneyland without food?? ;) she got to pick, so we ate Pizza and her and Gaby had chocolate milk.... good choice V!!
awwww!!! getting ready to watch the firework show.... :)

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B is for Boring said...

Classic! I love that the socks are now seeing the city... so cute... Looks like a fun day!