Saturday, August 20, 2011

1000 Islands.... Day 3

August 20th, Our third full day....  :)  today we went on a tour of the Island...  ;)  I wanted to take pictures of the cute little cottages that surrounded us...  so off we went in the golf cart!!  ;)  First we stopped for coffee and muffins with grandma though...  AND we sat around the deck for what seemed like hours, and just talked!  Then we walked back to the cottage, hopped on our ride and went on a "drive,"  ;)
Here's my tour of the "cottages" thru phone pics!!  ;)
The watermelon cottage WAS my absolute FAVORITE!!!  :)
this was the oldest tree on the island...  I thought I took a picture of it's "history" but I guess I didn't, so we'll go with "oldest" tree...  haha!!!  ;)
These flowers were EVERYWHERE!!!  they were so cute!!  I LOVED them!!  Cone Flowers, that's what they were!!  ;)
AND strawberry ice cream....  haha!!  I seriously don't think I've ever eaten as much ice cream as I ate on this trip!!  ;)  Jaime swore the ice cream was "out of this world," and I have to agree with her...  WHY else would I keep coming back for more???  ;)
More watermelon cottage...  ;)
Today was pretty uneventful...  we explored, and read a lot...  I only took the camera out once I think....  and all I took pictures of was the boat house.... 
 ...and "cottage row" as I liked to call it!!  ;)
.... and that brings us to the end of the third day of PURE RELAXATION!!!  :D  Jaime's friend Jen and her son came up today, so we took them around too....  :)  then we ate dinner I made enchiladas and dessert!!  then we sat around and talked till all hours...  ;)  It was a lot of fun to get to meet and talk to someone Jaime was such good friends with while our in NY!!  :)

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