Wednesday, August 3, 2011

You Challenge!!!

I saw this on a friend's blog a while back and I thought it would be fun to do...  I'm a few weeks late...  but better late than never I guess...  ;)  I feel like the last few weeks have been crazy busy...  both physically and emotionally....  I can't sleep, so it looks like I have some "unused" free time now....  Might as well start now!!  ;)
Ten Secrets
  1. I don't iron
  2. Laundry has to be the worst chore out there!  ;)
  3. I am an "organized" mess... 
  4. Sometimes I give too much of myself to others, and not enough of myself to me...  Lesson learned the hard way AGAIN!
  5. I hate confrontation!
  6. I am usually a pretty good judge of character... 
  7. I LOVE to take pictures...
  8. I have enough Scrapbooking supplies to fill up a WHOLE craft room...  ;) 
  9. It takes a lot of thinking and re-thinking for me to make a big purchase...  spending big amounts of money definitely makes me anxious..
  10. I hate txt messages, I understand it's a lot of people's preferred form of communication, it is definitely not mine...  I prefer a good ol' phone call, or person to person conversation!  :)


DeBran said... glad you decided to do this! Some of those were things I had no idea, like the texting, what?! But others were no pictures and scrapbook supplies ;) lol

Maria said...

haha!! I thought I changed the word "hate" to not a preffered form of communication!!! ;) I know after a few txt messages on the subject I decided to write a "disclaimer," Txt's are convenient for requesting a schedule, doing a "hello" shout-out, telling people you're on your way, or that you've arrived safely home, or where to meet them... They're also VERY convenient for updating FB status', and letting a LARGE amount of people in on some important news... ;) BUT I don't prefer them to normal communication, I don't feel we can express ourselves thru txts, I think it's faster, easier and all around better to "talk" in person, or on the phone!! ;) and I call first 95% of the time, I LOVE to hear people's voice's... you can tell A MILLION things from a persons voice alone! ;) I txt after if I don't get an answer to the call.... :)

Maria said...

....How funny... out of those 10, I NEVER thought the txting one would get the most attention!! ;)