Tuesday, August 23, 2011

1000 Islands.... Day 6

August 23rd, day 6!  We were off to explore some more...  We took the trusty golf cart out for a drive, and visited more cottages...  :) Check out the blue skies in the background!We also drove to the hardware store and bought some paint, then we spent the rest of the day touching up parts of the cottage, and painted the porch, Then we got ready because one of grandma Virge's friends was driving down from Canada to visit, so Jaime and I set out to have another dinner party!!  :)   I took the opportunity of the beautiful sunset...  weird huh??
 sooooo PRETTY!!!  :) me....  :) enjoying the view!  ;)
I can't remember what we had for dinner, BUT for dessert I tried my hand at a homemade apple crisp...  and it was DELICIOUS!!  :)  We had Ada Mae and Bob over tonight too....  What a fun couple they were!  :)mmmmmmm......The final product!  :)The picture I shared on twitter and FB!  ;)Day 6 was busy, with painting, exploring and baking, and we did a little relaxing, and reading on the porch, it was coming to the end of our trip!!  :(

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