Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Week!!

....A LOT can happen in a week...
I went on vacation last week...  :)  It was a wonderful time, spent with great company...  :) 

We  RELAXED a lot!  :)
and READ a lot!
and saw lots of BEAUTIFUL SUNSETS!
and took TONS of PICTURES!
we held a DINNER PARTY or two!  ;)
we took lots of NAPS
....and lots of WALKS
we also ate LOTS of ICE CREAM...  one everyday! ;)
and we made a COCKTAIL or two, cocktail hour was important
we WATCHED a movie
we made DINNER every night
we visited a CASTLE and learned about an AMAZING LOVE STORY!
we SWAM in the St. Laurence RIVER!
I got lost in Upstate NY...
I visited Baseball's HALL OF FAME!
I learned a LESSON in the hwy system...  the HARD way!!  haha!
Most IMPORTANTLY I was able to COMPLETELY clear my head...  :)
To re-coup, so that I can move forward... 
to not think or worry about anything back home... 
It was GREAT,
I only called work twice in 9 days, I've never NOT called...  ;)
I seriously had 9 worry-free days...  :)  It was great...  But as soon as we hopped back on that plane "homeward" bound...  the list of things I needed to do started pouring back into my head...  I LOVED it though...  and I was READY!  READY to go back to my routine, although I think it will be a little different now...  ;)
READY to make a million wedding favor cake pops, and ready to watch good friends get married, and ready to go back to work, and ready to get together with friends and family for good conversation, and good food, and quality time!
A little less worrying about EVERYBODY else, and a little more worrying about EVERYONE else!!  ;)
I took lots of pics...  I will post them in the next few days...  hopefully....  :)
Thank you Jaime and Grandma Virge for a wonderfully relaxing week!
Here's to hoping everyone has an AMAZING week!!!  :)


DeBran said...

Sounds awesome!! :)

maria said...

it really was!! :)