Tuesday, August 16, 2011

1000 Islands...... Travel day 1

Our trip for the islands started on Tuesday  August 16th, just as soon as I got off of work, and wouldn't you know, that tuesday I had work later than usual...  haha!  funny the way things turn out...  ;)  as soon as I got off, I drove to Jaime's, changed, waited while Chris re-loaded the car, so we could fit EVERYTHING we needed...  lol, and then we were off on our drive to Tucson to drop the kids off at Corrie's... The drive was pretty uneventful until we stopped at the gas station and Jakey boy got sick...  :(  oh well, at least he left his mark!!  ;) We drove into the house after midnight and we were all SOOOOO tired, all we wanted was to go to sleep...  I did get some fun pictures of the sunset though..  Gotta LOVE phone cameras these days!!  ;)
We enjoyed yummy banana bread that Rachelle made on our drive out... Thank You Rachelle, it was DELICIOUS!!!
Our view...  Leaving California...  AMAZING!!

Such a pretty sunset!

....and such pretty clouds....  :)

what a GREAT soul cleansing view!!  :) last one!! ;)
... SO there it is...  the first part of the first traveling "day"!

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