Thursday, August 4, 2011

Angels vs. twins

.....ahhhhh  Baseball!  How I LOVE a good ol' baseball game!  I have a friend who has season tickets, and today he decided to share them with my friend Casey and I!  and we got fun new hats too!  it was  a win - win!  :)
Thanks again Donny Boy!  we LOVE our hats...  ;)
the game was great!  we took lots of pics...  :)
caught up on "things"
took more pics...  ;)
Casey enjoyed her first winning game in a LONG time!!  haha!!
We definitely had a GREAT time at the game, eating lots of junk, we even enjoyed a beer, ;)  and chit-chatted about our "single" lives, and we discussed the fact that the rest of our friends keep telling us that marriage is "hard"...  haha!!  oh and we started to plan out birthday celebration for this year...  ")  here's to 14 years of birthday celebrations!!  :)  Oh how I love great conversation with a long time friend, and at a baseball game!!  :)  it was definitely a NICE fun-filled evening!!!  :)

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