Thursday, August 18, 2011

1000 Islands... Day 1

Thursday, August 18....  Our first full day at the cottage....  It was a lazy one...  we had been traveling for 2 days...  haha!!  we did a lot of hanging around, and unwinding...  we went and walked around so I could see the Island's beauty as Jaime called it..  AND let me tell you it was BEAUTIFUL!!  My camera was still on the fritz, I have no idea what happened to it, or why...  so there are only a few pictures of this day too!!  ;)
BEAUTIFUL view of the river...  I was in LOVE already!!  ;)
 Jaime's cousins took us on a short boat ride!  on our way to the boat house!  ;)
 sooo pretty!

 The porch where we spent many a day reading!!  :0  see that lounge chair thing behind Jaime?  that was my favorite spot...  I had a GREAT view of the river from there!  :)
 A pretty arrangement, (I was trying to get the camera to work)...  ;)
 Look at this lamp chandalier thing... isn't it pretty?  and that wood ceiling was hand hung and designed by one of "grandma's" friends...  the work was truly AMAZING!! 
Phone pics....
We went for Ice cream on the Island...  i'm not a big fan of ice cream...  BUT this one was AMAZING!!!  :)  
Red Velvet Hershey's Ice Cream....  YUMM!!
Red velvet and some moose tracks I think!  :)
The view of the river from my "reading lounge" chair!  ;)
Our lazy day ended with a yummy steak dinner, with potaoes, salad and wine...  and a lesson in what was to come for us!!  ;) 

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