Friday, August 19, 2011

1000 Islands.... Day 2

August 19th, Our second full day at the Islands.... More phone pics!  ;) We woke up early and went for a walk.... the view of the river was amazing!!  and very peaceful!  :)

We ended up walking to "the dock,"  for freshly baked muffins and yummy coffee...  and they were both yummy!!  :)  I guess this is something the "locals" do...  the muffins GO FAST!  and we were lucky to get one today!!  ;)  Carrot was all that was left...  it was perfectly moist and yummy all around!!  ;)  Then we sat around and chatted at the dock, look at all the fun boats!!

Playing around with Picplz editing...  :)
...there were a few people out there already...  some were swimming and others were flying kites!  :)

we went back to the cottage, and read some, ate lunch, and even took a nappy nap!  ;)  then we were off to get our daily ice cream fix, and walk over to the river, to meet grandma and her friend Gene, and read a little....  :)  today's choice??  mint chip!  YUMM!
....and the picplz one!!!  ;)
Naturally I took the camera with me...   it worked just fine for a little while...  ;)  and for that I was pleased!  ;)  we ate our ice cream and ended up joining the ladies here!  this is what we walked up too...  Jaime said that it was a look into the "future"...  ;)  we just needed to add another chair....  I think I agree!!!  :)  We missed you Jessica...  Here's to a trip next year??  ;)
 we camped out under this shaddy tree, and I decided "practice" so this is what I came up with...  my flip flops were my subjects...  ;)
 In the meantime, grandma Virge and Gene decided to make their trek back to the cottage....  They were going out to dinner with "their other friends..."  ;)
 .....and Jaime got a visit from this furry little guy...  ewwwww....
I'm not gonna lie, we were pretty intrigued with him....  just as long as he kept his distance!!  ;)
 ...then Jaime tried to take a nap and I took a solo shot...  ;)
 Since grandma Virge was going to dinner with the girl's, Jaime and I walked down to the boat deck to read and watch the sunset...  the camera decided it would stop cooperating right about now...  at least that's what I thought...  until I was able to download the pics, and noticed that it actually did take pics....  and some nice one's at that!!  ;)  I already posted today's amazing sunset thru phone pics...  Here is the camera pic version!!  ;)
the boat deck....
 Beautiful afternoon sky!! 

 The sunset was seriously AMAZING!!!  :)
 This was the sky on one side......
.....and if we turned a little to the right it looked like this!!!  AAAAAMMMMAAAZING!!!  :D
And that was the end of our second full day at the Islands.  The day was very nice and relaxing.... after the sun finally set, we went back to the cottage, ate dinner, waited for grandma Virge to come back, and read on the porch, then it was off to bed for us....  :)

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