Monday, August 22, 2011

1000 Islands..... Day 5

August 22nd, our fifth day, our vacation was quickly coming to an end...  :(  So I decided that today would be a good day to go to Cooperstown and see Baseball's Hall of Fame Museum...  I had wanted to go last year when we were in NY but it was a little too far...  Sooooo I woke up early, left the cottage at 6ish I think and got to Cooperstown right as the museum was opening at 9am...  I AM so GLAD that I left that early, because it was easy breezy getting thru the museum, and there were hardly any people there...  Can't say the same for when I left 3 hours later!  :/  So come join me in my tour of Baseball's Hall of Fame!  The home of so much history about a GREAT sport that I don't really think I took it all in!!  ;)
Baseball's Hall of Fame
The standings scoreboard was right outside the doors...  Standings looked good!  ;)
I spent a REALLY long time reading about Babe Ruth, I learned a lot of information about him...  he was DEFINITELY one of baseball's GREATEST!!  :)
Babe's "stuff", a little piece of history!
haha!!  don't worry I ended up finding someone who would take my picture!  ;)
the story of the "Black Sox" scandal
Black Sox stuff...
The Brooklyn Dodger's...  :)
...and like it or not the Yankees Franchise is Famous...  ;)  So I couldn't leave them out..  BUT I still don't like them!!  ;)
I call this the "baseball wall of words,"  ;)
....and what's a baseball museum trip without the oakland A's??  ;)

Time for team lockers!!  ;) 
LA Dodgers
San Diego Padres, and San Francisco Giants!
....and the Oakland A's
...and finally something Angels related...  the locker!
Fun Angels facts...

Me.... at the ballpark!  ;)
....and in front of the Hank Aaron wall!!  :)  Another one of Baseball's GREATEST!!
One of Hank's famous quotes...
some fun facts about different players...  Carl Ripken Jr. has played the most consecutive games so far!  ;)
at 383, Nolan Ryan had the most strikeouts....
...and Frankie Rodrigues had the most saves while playing for the Angels... 
The World Series Trophy, The yankees have won the most!
The world Champion "winner's" wall....  This year it belonged to the Giants....
Tommy Lasorda...  One of Baseballs greatest coaches!
...Look it's me again!!  ;)

these were outside in the courtyard..  I think the catcher is my favorite!  ;)
...and the pitcher...  too bad I forgot to strike my pitching pose!  ;)
Look at this American flag made all out baseball bats..  cool huh?? 
Cooperstown is a baseball town..  this was their main road..  every store/ restaurant here revolved around baseball!   AWESOME!!!
My cousin and his wife live in Cooperstown, and that was part of the reason I wanted to go there...  We weren't able to get together, but I had a great time...  I'm really glad that I ended  up going anyway..  :)  It started raining shortly after noon, and I was just about ready to go back at this time...  :)  Unfortunately the ride home wasn't nearly as smooth as I would of liked it to be..  let's just say that it was full of adventure!!  ;)  I wrote a blog about that already, so you can feel free to go read up!!  ;)
the one good thing about the ride home was that I got to take my corn stalk picture...  Now the trick is to get it uploaded to the site!!  ;)
there were corn fields FOR MILES!!!  if you look closely you can see a little corn growing on these!!  ;)
Getting lost wasn't so bad...  at least the views were nice!!  LOOK at this wonderful BLUE, and full fo clouds sky!  :)

It felt like I drove ALL day, today, and I think I did....  But I did get to go somewhere I had REALLY wanted to go...  One more thing to cross off that cucket list!!  ;)
....and when I got back we got to have another dinner party..  some more of grandma Virge's friends...  :)

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