Tuesday, August 23, 2011


awwww....  Yesterday!
Yesterday I realized that my vacation is almost coming to an end...  I also went to Cooperstown, the home of Baseball's Hall of Fame!  :)  It was something I had wanted to do last year when I was in NY and never got to do...  so this year I thought I would make the drive out there...  Having a rental car helped!!  ;)  so I woke up early, got ready and left with GPS in hand...  :)  after a 3 hour drive, I finally made it there...  :) 

Did you know it's possible to drive for 3 WHOLE hours and NEVER see a Starbucks?  Yeah I didn't know that either...  I did however see 3 McDonald's, a Walmart, a few subways, a Burger King, and at least 87 cementaries along the way...  oh and LOTS and LOTS of corn fields..  who knew??  not me!  ;)  The drive was definitely beautiful....  :)
I explored the Hall of Fame museum for about 3 hours, I will write a separate blog for that when I get home!  ;)  But I did get to explore, read, learn, and take pics...  :)  all of my favorite things...  I eventually found my way out "on accident", and thought about going back in, until I noticed the MILLION of other people trying to do the same...  Oh well all that was left was the gift shop, and I was surrounded by those outside...  So I walked around some, looking for a small memorable souvenier, then I spotted a pizza restaurant...  suddenly I was STARVING!  haha!  I went ahead and treated myself to this yummy treat....  :)  It was just as good as I remembered it!  ;)  Mushroom Pizza....  One of my favorites! :)

The little restaurant it came from!  :)

After looking around for about an hour, I decided it was time to start the drive home...  hopefully on the Hwy somehow??  and off I was...  I was an hour and a half into the drive when I accidentally went the wrong way...  E instead of W, ugh I soooo need to learn my directions...  :(  and the next off-ramp was 11 miles away...  REALLY???  grrr....  and wouldn't  you know right after that off-ramp, I saw the "Starbucks" lady...  sooo off I went to "catch her"....  as soon as I passed "my" exit, the GPS lady recalculated....  OH NO!!!  and the next off-ramp was....  you guessed it, 19 miles away!!!  AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!  needless to say I was frustrated with the Hwy system, and MAD at myself for "needing" to follow the starbucks sign!!  :( At least I got my starbucks though....  :D and the scenery was AMAZING!!!!  :)

I was greeted with blue skies, FULL of fluffy BIG white clouds for the whole drive....  :D

.... then I got back "home" after a LONG day and had a dinner party with some of the loveliest ladies I have ever met!!  :)  They were so excited for our home cooked meal, and our cocktail party.... ;) and we were excited that they got to join us!!  :)
Our Feast!! 
Pasta, mozzarella stuffed meat balls, garlic bread, watermelon, grapes, and some wine for the ladies, and a yummy apple cider type of drink for me and Jaime!!!

The table!!!  :)

Here's to a wonderful day that left me
  • Wondering how people get by with Hwy exits that are 10-20 miles apart....  WHAT IF THERE'S AN EMERGENCY???  :/
  • Wondering how people drive 55 - 65 MPH hour ON PURPOSE....  I feel like telling New Yorkers...  You know if you raised the speed limit just A LITTLE it will take less time to get there....  ;)
  • Wondering how it's possible that it took me 8.5 hours to find a starbucks along the way....
  • ....Yet it allowed me to enjoy the scenery and the sites the whole way thru.....  :D

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