Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Text Messages.... A disclaimer!!

Isn't it funny how the "secret" I thought the least about is the one that caused the most "reaction?"  I feel like I need to "explain" myself after that last post!  ;)
YES!  I have a love/hate relationship with txt messages, ok maybe not love...  but they are convenient for some things...  you know they're good for....
  • asking people a question quickly
  • telling someone you have arrived safely
  • letting people know you're on your way
  • asking for directions
  • or maybe asking for a schedule?
  • telling someone a quick hello...
  • or a "surprise" I love you?
  • or to let people know you will be late?
They are NOT and I HATE them for....
  • holding a full on conversation with someone,
  • discussing, good or bad
  • story telling
Txt messages can so easily be taken out of context, it's not even funny!  I can say something and you could take it completely different..  why even take that chance?  Besides I like to see people's facial expressions when you're telling them something, are they really even listening to me?  what are they thinking?  people's body language speaks wonders, and you could even hear people's emotions over the phone, you can tell if they're happy, sad, upset ALWAYS on the phone, or in person, NEVER thru txt...  txt is so "emotionless," and I feel like half the time, txts don't come thru like we intend them anyway!
I know people are busy, and I will call first, 95%  of the time, if I get no answer I send a txt...  there are a few people I know who prefer txt...  They almost never get a call unless it's
 something important, that usually can't wait...  ;)  so there you have it... my reasoning behind secret number 10...  ;) 

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