Thursday, August 25, 2011

Going Home.....

We woke up SUPER early today so we could drive to the airport, turn in our rental car, catch our first flight to North Carolina, then catch the second flight to Phoenix, pick up the boys at Carlie's and finally drive home....  :I  I think we were both ready, the vacation was GREAt, it was relaxing and the scenery was AMAZING!  But I know we were ready to come home, the routine, that's what I missed, and of course my family and friends!  ;) I took these pictures from the airport, as we were ready to land...  so pretty!!  :)
....FINALLY in North Carolina...  we just barely made it our of there before the hurricane hit and all the airports were closed.... 
..... and we were off on our second flight...  Phoenix, here we come!  :) 
Nothing like flying above the clouds!
We made it to Phoenix, stretched our legs a little, picked up the boys, packed the car, chit-chatted with Carlie for a little bit, and then we were on our way home!!  :)  we switched off the driving duties, so I made Jaime take the pictures of the sunset on the way home for me!!  ;)  pretty cool huh??  ;)
I seriously DON'T know what it is with me and sunsets...  I LOVE them though!  :)
we finally made it to Jaime's around 9:30ish PM, I dropped them off, and drove home...  I wanted nothing more than to get home to my own bed, and sleep, it was a LONG day of traveling for us...  :)  But it was a GREAt end to a wonderfully relaxing vacation!!  :)  Thanks again Jaime and Grandma Virge...  I can't wait until next summer!!  :)

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