Friday, August 5, 2011


Today I went to the park to watch a movie, Temecula has a GREAT summer program and the girls decided to take advantage of it...  and this time it was at The Pond, and it was Beauty and the Beast...  two of my favorite things...  Jaime said her, Chris and the kids were going with Mandy and the kids so I decided to join them...  :)  it was a BEAUTIFUL afternoon...  :)
Me and Jaime
haha!!  guess it was a little windy!!  who the heck am I kidding it was straight out cold!  :)
The sky was beautiful at dusk...  This is a picture I took of the moon and the evening sky, it was so nice and beautiful out that I couldn't pass it up!!  ;)
...a blurry one of me and katie!!  ;)  right before I preceded to sleep thru the whole movie in the freezing @$$ cold!!  haha!!  :)

Here's to another fun summer night....  :)
I will have to add the few pics I took on my camera another day!!  ;)

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Kati said...

ha ha ha i was gonna comment that you slept through the movie! HA! ;)