Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thankful Sunday

It's that time again....  ;)  Today I am thankful for...
....successful, relaxing vacations and time away
...."I miss you," Hurry back text messages!  ;)
AIR CONDITIONING, it's hella hot out there!  ;)
family dinners
conversations over coffee...
dinner with my sister!  :)
Quality pool time with my parents
blue skies FULL of BIG FLUFFY clouds
the peacefulness of a "summer" community!
the pool
Sophie and Cruz
Books, and the stories they tell
twitter..  that's how I got my news and kept "in touch" with the world on vacation... 
...the countdown to when I get to see V and Lu, and my cousin too!
a holiday weekend  :)
upcoming weddings  :)
....'till next week!

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