Wednesday, August 24, 2011

1000 Islands.... Day 7

Today was our last full day on the island!!  :(
We spent it by making one last trip around on the golf cart..  checking out the cottages one last time, and taking a few "last" minute pics!  ;)
I was reading the other posts from the last week the other day, and I finally realized what the island reminded me off...  It was kinda like hanging out in an episode of "gilmore girls," or "everwood"...  anyone remember those shows?? This picture I took with my trusty always with me, camera phone..  ;)
We also relaxed, took more pictures, ate more ice cream, and read some more, and packed.... ugh, have I ever mentioned how much I hate packing?? ;)

I wanted to take pictures of the fun flowers all around the island...  they were so pretty, and the greenery was awesome..  :) These are with my trusty camera!  :)
 This was the lighthouse that I looked at all week....  I NEEDED to take a picture of it...  :)
 .....and me...  :)
 ...the sky was so blue and the clouds were so white and fluffy!  :)
 ...we found this colorful field of flowers on our journey... so we decided to make a photoshoot out of it!!!  :)
 ...and Miss Jaime...
 ....and this is the little tree that caused our drive out and about, I spotted it EVERYTIME we took a drive out in the car...  I wanted a picture of the fall tree changing colors, the reds and oranges were something I hadn't seen before...  :)  and they were just as beautiful as I thought..  I would LOVE to live in a place that had ALL of the seasons..  if only the weather wasn't so horrible!! 
 and this little flower was called Queen Ann's Lace...  They were EVERYHERE!  and they were so cute...  I LOVED them!  :)
 Have you ever seen anything like this??  It was the BIGGEST cobweb I have ever seen!  YIKES!
 ...and a black squirrel, have you ever seen anything like this??  me neither...  I can't remember the whole story right now..  but I think Grandma Virge and Jaime said they are special to the Island...  :)  I'll have to remember to ask why again!!  ;)
 ..see kinda looks like a structure from Gilmore Girls...  NO??
 even the colors....
 Jaime said this cottage reminded her of something out of hot dog on a stick...  and I have to agree with her....
This pretty bird visited us EVERYDAY to get some food!!  ;)  isn't he sooooo cute??  I LOVE that he is such a bright yellow color too!  ;)
....and I got to spend the last day watching the MOST AMAZING SUNSET...  I took WAAAYYY too many pictures, and had the hardest time picking just a few...  enjoy!  ;)
This is probably one of my favorites, "sequences"!!  :)
good night NY sunsets, THANK YOU for being so beautiful for me!
....and my other favorite sequence of pics!
.....and these are with my phone!  I wanted to be able to share them with the family ASAP!!  ;)

The colors and the sky were both awesome...  :)  Sorry for all the pictures...  as usual I couldn't pick just one...  ;)
Here's to our last day of vacation, filled with many beautiful things!!  :)

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