Wednesday, August 17, 2011

1000 Islands..... Travel day 2

Wednesday August 17th, the day we were flying out..  We woke up sorta early, ate breakfast, visited with Jaime's family, and got ready for the trek to the airport...  to start our LOOOONNNG day of flying...  
First things first though...  a bagel sandwich to start off our day...  We didn't want to be hungry on the plane...  ;)  AND we spotted an Einstein's bagle stand...  so off we were...  ;)

....and we were ready!!!  :)

We had a layover in North Carolina...  when we landed I thought a cinnabon sounded good...  haha!!  so off we went to try and find one...  ;)  and let me tell you THAT airport was HUGE...  lots of places to shop...  which was a good thing, because our plane was delayed...  so we had a little time to kill!!  ;)
"life needs frosting,"  they're sooooo right!!  ;)

YUMMMM!!!    soooooo gooey and warm, it was DELICIOUS!!!

North Carolina was where the first flight took place I guess...  I had no idea, I learned something new today..  Thanks Jaime!!  haha
Amelia's airplane I think...  and if I'm not right, I'm blaming Jaime, since she's the one who told me!!  ;)


Camera was on the "fritz" so those last pictures were from my phone...  we managed to get a few off the camera...  BUT not many!!   Look at that moon peeking thru the window!!  ;)
 Jaime took this one...  I think she did alright!!  ;)   Got the moon in the right place and everything!!  haha!
The plane that was to take us to Syracuse was over an hour late...  sooooo we were an hour later getting to the Islands...  After picking up our rental and driving to our "location," I think  we ended up driving into "the cottage" at 3ish in the morning...  Let me tell you it was a long day..  when we arrived we were excited that we were finally there, we went up to our room, and slept until 10ish the next morning...  It was GREAT!  a great way to start our vacation!!  :)

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