Saturday, August 27, 2011

BBQ with the family!

Vacation was relaxing...  life went back to being busy, normal and full the day I got back...  :)
I joined the family at my aunts for a BBQ on saturday after work...  she has the most amazing views from her house...  I stood outside and enjoyed the "sunset" sky!

sooo pretty, peaceful and relaxing to watch!
Then Gaby joined me...  :)
.... I seriously couldn't get enough of the view!
Cruz and Sophia...  aren't they soooo cute???  ;)
cruz and "grandma", my aunt!  :)
me and Cruz...  guess those cheesy smiles run in the family??  ;)
a picture with Tia Gaby!!  ;)
My cousin!!  :)
The reason for the BBQ...  a "finished" product celebration!!  :)  I was impressed, they did a GREAT job with the built-in BBQ!  anything for a carne asada celebration!  ;) and 'Phia!
Tia MJ, and the kiddos...  LOVE them!!!  :)
playing with the new "editing" app!!  ;)
Here's to another great family get-together complete with yummy food!!  :)

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