Sunday, August 7, 2011

Thankful for the "moments!"

It’s so easy for us to get caught up in things and to forget what we’re grateful for. Not only does this have an effect on our happiness, but it has a much larger impact on our lives.
This is so true for me, I feel like for the last few weeks, months, I have lost myself in worry, confusion and negative thoughts...  I need to go back to doing my Sunday Grateful posts...  It's something I enjoy doing and it definitely keeps me grounded in all of the positive things in my life...  :)  so here it goes... 
  • It's  10:15pm on sunday night and by this time I had clocked 60 plus hours of work this week...  GRATEFUL to have a JOB, or two....  ;)
  • I also got to sleep under the stars, literally, ;)  I went to the movie at the park with some friends and I fell asleep for the WHOLE movie...  BEST nap I've had in a LONG time...  thanks girls for keeping me safe...  even though you didn't realize I was sleeping!!  ;)
  • ... and there was also my giving a co-worker/friend a ride to work today, I saw her walking when I was on my way, so I picked her up...  she told me "thanks, now I can use my bus money to buy lunch..."  chicken wings she said...  the smile on her face for the rest of the day made MY day!
  • I got to go to bed with a full tummy every night!  I must remember to thank God everyday for that...  And tonight I will say an extra special prayer for others, who may not get more than one meal a day!
  • I also got to spend a fun evening at the baseball game...  and we got fun new hats to show for it...  Thanks again Donny Boy!  ;)
I finally got more than 4 hours of sleep yesterday...  I met Carlie, Jessica, Chris, and Mikey for dinner, and blue margarita
...then I came home and literally crashed still in my work clothes, contacts in, AT 7:30...  only to wake up at 4am this morning...  Guess I was tired!!  ;)
  • Vacations, I finally get to start my vacation count-down...  I'm so excited I can hardly wait...  we have nothing planned and I think that's what I am most grateful for!!  ;) 
....there it is, my super busy week in a nutshell!  I think I'm ready for the next one to begin...  and I CAN HARDLY wait until thursday...  FINALLY as day off!!!  :)  I'm thinking a pedi might be in order by then!!  ;)
I hope everyone had a terrific week...  I know I'm sure gonna try!!  ;)

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