Monday, August 8, 2011

Photo Challenge, Day 30....

Photo Challenge, day 30...  self portrait(s)...  I'm really sad my 30 day challenge has no8w come to and end...  :(  time for a new one...  ;-
Oh man...  where do I begin with this picture?  haha!!!  ;)  on the last day of the challenge I met some friends and we went for a relaxing foot massage and dinner...  While I/we were waiting for some of the others to arrive I decided to take a few "self" portraits...  It's a TRUE story, while my friend and I waited I snapped pics...  ;)  at one point someone came to get us for our appt...  and I told him we were waiting for a few others...  and I preceded to snap more shots...  This story was definitely a good laugh for ALL!!  ;) 
....I took lots of pictures, I was a little sad that I was only gonna get to share one with you all...  then I found this awesome picture program that let me do my 3 favorite one's!!  ;)

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