Sunday, August 21, 2011

1000 Islands.... Day 4

AHHHHH!!!!  August 21st, our 4th full day!!  :)  We woke up early...  One had to arrive at the dock BEFORE 8am if they wanted a chance at a muffin...  Jen was interested in one, and frankly so was I, they seriously were worth the walking over there in the misty early morning...  ;)  on our way there we ran into this...  appearantely the teenagers sometimes go around in the night and "tip" golf carts, you know kinda like "tipping" a cow???  haha!!  gotta LOVE small time living??  then again maybe not...  Not sure I would want to be the one to come out and discover this happened to MY golf cart!!!  ;) We got a few laughs, got some muffins and a little coffee and literally RAN back before the rain!!!  ;) 
.....and it rained HARD for a little while then it stopped!!  ;) this time we/they thought it would be a good time to leave and go to Boldt Castle...  Appearantly the weather in NY is fairly predictable....  and just like they said, it rained hard for a while, then it was gloomy and dry long enough for us to go visit Boldt Castle and come back!!  ;)
This is the Boldt Castle tour through phone pics...  You starting to see a pattern??  ;)
Boldt Castle was basically built around a love story, so EVERYTHING was made into hearts!  ;)  LOVED the landscape...

The castle

the flowers were soooooo pretty!

The round glass ceiling

...and the staircase!

One of the heart planters!

The engine room??  maybe???

The Boldt Castle emblem....
The Island House!!  ;)
The side of the boathouse!!  I LOVED all of the detail on it!
The boat house... from the ferry!
The heart planters...  and the VERY colorful flowers!
Part of the "Boldt's" story!
The game/play room....  I guess they've been trying to finish this for over 20 years...  ;)
looks like a good wedding location...  NO??
The entrance....
The cute benches we found!!!  :)
A picture in the courtyard??  might as well!!!  :)
The hallway of "windows"!
.....and the pretty ceiling inside..  ALL made out of glass!  ;)
The beginning of the story!

 The grand staircase at the entrance.....

 These north NY people LOVE to build homes on random "islands," here's another!!!  ;)
 Jen and her son

 ...yes I did climb up a tree planter...  i had to, for the pic!  ;)
 I want, no I need one of these!!  ;)  How cute is it??
 ...and the Bridge...

 Haha!  we took these for our "photo challenges"  this is the "fall colors" one!!  ;)
 The castle on our way out....  I LOVED that it was hidden behind the trees...
A cute quote I ran into at the souvenir shop.... LOVED it!! :)
 when we got back to the cottage it started to rain again...  Jen and her son left, and shortly after the storm we saw this....  AWESOME rainbow...  too bad I didn't think about trying to take the picture WITHOUT all of these wires in it!  ;)
The rainbow...  from my trusty phone...  ;)
 The rain made for beautiful clear skies, and a wonderful sunset..  THERE WAS A LOT of pictures of today...  so picking the "best" ones, and keeping them minimal was REALLY hard...  But here they are...  :) 

 It was such a BEAUTIFUL afternoon that we decided to go for a walk..  Gene was over and decided to come out with us!!  ;)

 ME!!  :)
 The watermelon cottage AGAIN!!!  see I told ya I LOVED it!
 After our afternoon walk we came back and Jaime made dinner for us..  Gene joined us, and she was so excited, it was cute!!  :) 

Onion crusted chicken breast and scalloped potatoes...  YUMMMM!!!  :)
Picking pictures to post for today was REALLY hard, it was definitely a picture filled day!!  ;)  Boldt castle and our first happy hour, dinner party day was a hit!!!  ;)  and the afternoon sky after the rain was AAAAMAZING!!!  :D

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