Sunday, October 2, 2011

LACMA, Tim Burton

Angie and Charles planned a breakfast and museum visit for us today!!  :)  Breakfast was DELICIOUS!  BUT I must admit that I failed at finishing it all... 
Orange juice and cinnamon french toast...  Yummy way to start a sunday morning!  ;)
Waiting for Mattie and Heather...  might as well take a picture with the BIG green ballon man!!  ;)
Angie, Annie and me!
 LACMA + Tim Burton = Amazingness....
After Heather and Matt arrived we were off to the Tim Burton exhibit...  :)  Thanks Charles for getting us tickets EARLY!!  ;)
We weren't allowed to take pictures inside...  But these were on the outside...  pretty cool huh??  ;)  I had NO idea how much stuff Tim Burton had made...  Edward Scissorhands, Big Fish, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the new one....  :)
haha!!  We spotted this from seriously a MILE away!!  Charles got his moment of fame...  with the SPAM artwork!!  :)
....and I got in trouble for "touching" the artwork...  ugh...  sorry lady, I didn't want to flash everyone..  AND I didn't know these stupid balls weren't glued to the ground!! haha! ;)
 We continued on to other exhibits, Five Car stud was one...  and let me tell you it was a little disturbing... 
 ...a little background!  ;)
after that I went ahead and treated myself to this little treat...  yummmm... an ice mocha!  :)
and while waiting for Brent and Annie, and the boys to come back from where ever they had gone, we took more pics!  ;)
Me and Heather!
 smile girls!!  :)

 heather, angie and me..   and the lovely waterfall!!
 ...finally the boys emerged, only to participate in this picture for me!!  haha!!  ;)
 ...then it was our turn!  ;)  Brent and Annie had left to go visit the street truck by this time...  haha!  did I mention we were STARVING???  ;)
...and the newlyweds!!  ;)
 ....leaving the museum...  in search of food!!  ;)
 after trying to all go our own ways..  No one could decide what we wanted....  We all ended up here...
 Casa Gamino in Paramount...  One of the best mexican food places around....  :)  gotta LOVE cell phones, it took one txt message to get Brent and Annie away from the street truck and tacos, and to Casa Gamino with the rest of us...  ;)  Good idea Matt and Heather!!  ;)
chile relleno and chicken taco...  YUMM!!
 ....and Annie's HUMONGOUS chile verde burrito!!  :)
Here's to a fun Sunday, complete with breakfast, the LACMA, a little Tim Burton, GREAT friends and a yummy dinner!  :)

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C@r!ie said...

I LOVED the Tim Burton exhibit!! I am a crazy huge fan and read about it when it was at the MOMA and I tried to talk Stephane into taking me there but I got denied lol. I lost my marbles when I read it was coming to LA!!! FYI did you know if you are a BofA customer that you get in to the museum for free? And the Mexican food looks so yummy!!!! not to mention the french toast ;) mmmmmm