Sunday, October 30, 2011

Always Thankful!

It's time for THANKFUL Sunday again!
Today I am Thankful for,
good friends
My mom's 10pm phone calls, no matter where I am, just to say good night and that she LOVES me.  I LOVE you too mom!  :D
my dad
my brother
my sister
my other brother  ;)
Sisco Puppy
Hope and Faith, and watching friends who are being uplifted by their GREAT belief...
My mom's GREAT Faith in candles, and the way she faithfully lights them for people who need them.
prayer circles, and people's eagerness to join them, no matter how far away they are...  in hopes that it will bring peace to others..
Sleeping in until 10:45  WTH I haven't done that in a LONG LONG time... guess I was tired!  :/
books and reading
fall nights
driving with the windows down
today I am also VERY thankful for the Angel's who kept red lightning from driving off the road earlier....  yikes...  that was scary!!  ;)
the smell of firewood burning in the neighbors fireplace...
The World Series, and actually getting to watch the game...  uninterrupted!  ;)
phone calls just to say hello! 
This quote I ran across!

Here's to another week gone...  and for another which will soon begin...  here's to hoping we all have a GREAT week ahead!   :)

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