Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dim Sum, and a Birthday Celebration! :)

Good food and good friends.....
is MY favorite way to celebrate!!!  :)
I've known Isaac since our first year in College, we were neighbors at the dorms, and we've been friends ever since...  Thru good and bad, we've made it... :)
 and today was HIS birthday!!  He wanted to celebrate by eating Dim Sum!! 
Him and Tracy introduced me to Dim Sum a few years ago...  and I think it's definitely good enough to make the hour drive to China town in LA!!  :)
The pastries!!
The birthday boy!
Old friends, and birthday month buddies!!!  ;)
the beginning of my feast!  and I must admit that I definitely ate myself silly...  ;)
Sheila and Steve ordered these guys...  they kept staring at me...  so I had to go ahead and eat one!!  ;)
mmmmmmm......  :)
haha....  that poor guy had NO chance!!!  ;)
me and Aunt Sheila...  :) 
Isaac and Tracy.... 
We ended the night with Milk tea and boba ball/sliver drinks... ummmm...  yeah I can honestly say i'm still NOT a fan!!!   :/
Here's to a fun birthday celebration, filled with friends and yummy food!!

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