Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pre-Birthday Celebration!! ;)

Rosie thought it would be fun to go have a pre-bday celebration for my birthday..  how could I say no??  ;) 
We started off in Old Town Temecula, our intentions were to stop by the rod run and check it our...  BUT neither one of us knew that it ended early...  sooooo we missed it, oh well, we went ahead and jumped right into wine and dinner...  ;)  We at Bailey's (downstairs)
we started off with a yummy salmon/avocado brusheta bread thing...  it was actually really good!!  ;)
mmmmmm.... dinner!!!  ;)
I had the brisket...  it was good, but I think i should of sticked to a yummy hamburger...  Oh well, hindsight's 20/20....  right??
Then we were off to Longshadow Winery, for a bonfire/concert/wine tasting...  :)  I can't believe I've never heard of wineries doing this before...  it really was a fun time!!!  ;)
oh oh....  :)  smile for another shot!! 
After the concert ended we went back to old Town, and ended up at the Bank...  where we found Sancho!  ;)
....aren't we cute??  ;)  I haven't ever been to Old Town at night, it was something fun and new to do!  :0  it was really crowded though...  and I'm pretty sure EVERYONE in Temecula, murrieta and the surrounding areas came out too!!  ;)
Kelsie ended up meeting us with some other people!!  :)
Here's to a fun pre-birthday celebration dinner/fun evening...  :)
Now to officially begin birthday week!

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