Friday, October 21, 2011


ahhhh....  Birthday's, they come by once a year...  and mine's here AGAIN!  :) 
"A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip!"
This is my chance to bid thirty-three good-bye and welcome thirty-four with OPEN ARMS!! 
Thirty-Three, you were a rough year, But I wouldn't change any of it, I wouldn't do anything differently, as painful as the year was, it has made me a stronger person, and I think I came out of it stronger than I went in, and THAT is definitely a good thing!
  • This year was one filled with uncertainty, and fear,
  • confusion,
  • tears, and LOTS and LOTS of unanswered questions...
  • It was also one in which I questioned my morals, beliefs, and even the person I have become, and my expectations from others, as well as my expectations of others. I even questioned God at times, this part I'm ashamed to admit, but it is, what it is, and I did find myself asking WHY? A LOT, I think I have my answer now...  ;)
  • It was also a year in which I can honestly say I felt lost, mainly because I finally let "society's" comments wear me down.
  • You were also a year filled with happiness,
  • fun vacations, and good food
  • It was a year full of family and friend fun, 
  • It was also one in which I came to the realization that I AM living the life that God intended for me, even if society thinks it's "weird."  like it or not this is where I'm supposed to be, and for the record, i like it!  ;)
  • It was a year in which I finally made a hard decision and bid farewell to certain people who are not making my life easier, to people who obviously were put in my path so that I could learn from them, people who helped define who I am, but who also have moved on...  people who brought A LOT of HAPPINESS to my life at one point in time, but who have also brought A LOT of SADNESS, CONFUSION and GRIEF, especially in the last year or two...  Thank you Isaac for reminding me that in order to move on, and live the life that I was "granted", I must let go...  It was hard but I did it, I only got rid of the one, even though I really did contemplate the other two!!  ;)
  • This year was also full of lessons, I learned a GREAT deal about Honesty, trust, compassion, friendship, loyalty, and respect. 
  • ....AND I re-learned that a hug from a kid will make ANY day better...  Thank you Bea, Jessica and Jaime for letting me be a part of your kid's lives...  :)
  • Today I can honestly say that I am looking forward to 34.  Everything seems to be going forward, the way it seems it's supposed to be... 
  • I am also lucky to say that in 34 years I have one of the strongest support systems ever...  I have a loving family, awesome forever friends, GREAT friends, a BBF...
so with that I am ready to welcome 34... 

This is going to be a TERRIFIC year, I feel it...  Here's to
"Letting go, and Letting God"!
Now I'm off to enjoy the journey that 34 will bring!!!  :D

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