Sunday, October 23, 2011

Giving Thanks!

1 Thessalonians 5:18
give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.
Birthday week/month finally came to a stop today...  I'm a little late giving thanks only because the week ended in a way that I wished had been different! 
I had an AMAZING week and I have my family and friends to thank for that! 
I also treated myself to a massage during the week, and I got my hair did, and there may have been a little shopping spree!!  ;)  Not a big one...  we all know shopping isn't really my forte!!! 
Somewhere in there, there was a facial too...  How could I turn down a facial that contained pumpkin enzymes???  haha!!  I know, I have sucker written ALL over my forehead!  :)
I had many a birthday wish...  on the phone, thru txt, on facebook, and there was even a birthday song thru skype!!  ;) 
Oh and as is customary, I got a call from my grandma in Guatemala at 4am...  it never fais, EVEN when I was in college she would call that early....  haha!  I'd blame it on the time change, but I'm not sure that's it anymore!!  ;)
Thank you everyone for making me feel special all week! 
My sister and Mike made me the most DELICIOUS DINNER, and my dad drove a LONG distance to pick me up a yummy birthday cake...  Thanks mom for sending him out there!!  ;)
Then there was a B-day BBQ specially for me...  it contained all of my favorite foods...  YUMMM...  :)
...And I can't forget about the Disneyland birthday celebration..  we went, rode a few rides, walked around, shopped some, mentioned the fact that it felt weird without the kids and then came home!  ;)
Thanks again everyone...  you all did a terrific job making me feel special ALL WEEK!!!  :)

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