Monday, October 24, 2011

Trust in God..... ALWAYS!

I think it finally hit me today....  again God called another one of his children home...  and again it was someone I knew, not very well, but what I knew of him was enough...  I got home from work on monday and after thinking about it all day, the unfairness of it all, the why's, it finally hit me...  the reality of what happened was fresh in my mind. The similarities to something I had gone thru a few years before...  I think it finally ended up being too much, so I ended up walking to the front yard, JUST BECAUSE, I needed to think, I needed to sort it out in my head, I needed to be alone with God, I needed reassurance! I needed "understanding" just then I noticed the most BEAUTIFUL sunset sky...  I sat in the driveway trying to put together my thoughts and the events of the 24 hours before....  I also talked to God, and asked Larry to welcome James home...  I'm pretty sure they're up there getting along just fine...  :)  I also reflected on my sisters strength, and Bee's strenght...  It's always amazing to me how strong we become when tragedy strikes...   how we're able to gather strength from above to be supportive understanding and helpful... 

Today I was sad, I was sad for a friend who's life just came to a traumatic stop, for a little while, someone who's life just took on a completely different direction. I was sad for the kids that were left behind, I was also sad for the parents, friends and anyone else who was left behind to pick up the pieces, to understand why things like these happen...
As I did that, I took in the most AMAZING almost soul cleansing sunset...
...and slowly I became hopeful, hopeful that no matter how devastating this was to a family, it was within God's plan.  Why I have no idea, I may never know (today 10/29, was the service, and Bernadette said the same thing....)  I was also hopeful that this family will make it thru, Bernadette is seriously one of the STRONGEST, most POSITIVE people I know!
In the midst of my talking to God, I took the picture below...  and I swear, it looks like there's an Angel flying in the clouds...  :)
...and then my phone went off...  it was Jaime, she had sent a picture and all it said was " a little glimpse of Heaven" Oh how right she was....  isn't her picture beautiful? 
Bee is someone I have known forever, she's been around so long, she's practically part of the family! when my sister got the call, I prayed for the best, although in my heart I think I knew, and my heart hurt, my heart hurt for someone who deserves nothing but the best...  I couldn't stop thinking about it/them, I was mad, mad that life could be so unfair... I prayed for her, the kids, and mostly for my sister...  I prayed for God to give her the strength she would need to be there for her Best Friend, it's hard, I know, I've been there....
God gives us a sunset everyday that reminds us of the awesome beauty in His creation and shows His unconditional love for you and me.
"Beyond the sunset God
waits for you and me."
Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.- From a headstone in Ireland

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