Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Girl's Night B-I-N-G-O

Jessica and Melissa ALWAYS have the BEST ideas for get-togethers...  this time they thought that a BINGO night was in order..  and the theme?? bibbity bobbity bingo....  so cute...  AND sooo FUN!  Thanks girls, it was a fun night like always!  :)  I should apologize in advance for all the pictures, I couldn't pick just a few...  I will let them tell you about our night!  ;)
You can read more about this fun party here.
The hosts!
I made cinderella pumpkin cake pops!  ;)
 Every table had a different centerpiece...

 The prizes were so cute!

 Yummy witch broom sticks!
 ...and we all know it's not a party without spinach dip...  ;)
 The yummy spread!
 ..and there was a hot chocolate corner..  complete with fall flavored creamers!  :)
 Me and Jaime!
 The girls!  :)
 ...haha!  Emily and Jennifer were cracking me up the whole time!  :)!
 another one of the oh so cute table!
Jessica's view of the table's...  ;)  thanks for the following pics!  ;)

...and the cake pops!  ;)
And Melissa made a cute and delicious cherry jack-o-lantern pie

Here's to another fun girls night..  Thanks again girls for hosting..  it was a fun time.. 

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C@r!ie said...

that was such a fun night :)