Friday, October 7, 2011

Movie night!

The Lion King in 3D!
In case you didn't know...  I'm a sucker for Disney movies, I LOVE them all...  When I heard The Lion King was coming back to the theaters I almost lost my mind...  and it was gonna be in 3D...  AWESOME!!!  I tried to sign different people up to watch it with me..  Luke straight up told me NO, he didn't want to see it, and Jaime bought it for her kids so they watched it at home...  DANG IT!!  haha!  I finally signed up my sister to go with me, and we had a sister date night....
The theater was empty, so we had our pick of seats!!  ;)  YEESSSS!!
...and I was excited for our 3D glasses!!  ;)
.....AND it's not a movie if there's no popcorn and soda!!  ;)
...Now we were ready!!   :)  Movie was GREAT, I had forgotten a lot of it, and it was AMAZING in 3D!!   Here's to enjoying a WONDERFUL date with my sister!!!  ;)

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