Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thankful Sunday!

A Thankful Heart is not only the GREATEST virtue, But the parent of ALL other virtues!  ~Cicero
Sunday has now become my "day of Thanks,"  I give thanks EVERYDAY for all of the gifts that God gives me, BUT I use sunday as my day to sit back, reflect and write down all the things that I was grateful to have been able to give, as well as all of the things that I was able to receive...  Today I had the opportunity to remember how thankful I am, that there are still people out there who are willing to give without expectation, I wish there were more of these people out there EVERYDAY!!  ;)
We had a giveaway for the customers at the store yesterday, a regular customer of ours won, she said she didn't "need" it, and that she was certain there was someone out there who was in more dire "need" than her...  she put a $20 bill in it, and told the checker to give it someone in "need."  they decided to give it to one of the girl's that works with us, and on the way home, (today was one day that we got off at the same time) she told me that they really needed it, times are hard at her house...  EVERYDAY I am thankful for what I have, food on the table, a permanent roof over my head, LOVING parents, family, and friends!  and I am also thankful for the generosity of others! :)
.... What else to be grateful for??  paper crafts, constructing angry owls, building this haunted house with Miss Ella, playing real live angry birds with Lukey, baking a cake with Jake and Brody
...spooky houses and chit chatting with the girls, heart to heart conversations over tomato soup and bread, knowing in your heart that you have made lasting friendships and forever friends!  and being ABSOLUTELY GRATEFUL for that!  :D
Friends who believe in your enough to give you a challenge like this....  haha!!!  I did almost take the challenge, but I was REALLY short on time... next time!  ;)
....feel good books, and time to read!  Believing, and "feeling" a child's story!
early birthday gifts...  to myself!!  haha!!  LOVE, LOVE my fun package, and ALL of its contents!  ;)
...and this fun and so true saying about friends!
Here's to understanding that no matter how much our lives change, and that no matter how much we change, there are friends that we make along the way, that fill our lives with joy and happiness, who will be there for us no matter what the circumstances, and here's to being thankful that God has put these type of people in our lives....  :)  Happy Sunday everyone!!  :)


C@r!ie said...

love this post :) I'm going to check out that book too!

maria said...

thanks!! :) and you should totally read it, it's totally worth it, and definitely a good one.. I wrote a review on it!! ;)