Saturday, October 29, 2011

Live your life in Harmony!

what a GREAT legacy to leave behind!
Have you ever attended the memorial service of someone's who's life was cut WAAAYYY too short?  of someone who's legacy is something everyone including myself should strive to live by? I did today.  Today I learned a little more of the type of person James was, I already knew he was a great soon-to-be husband, I also already knew he was a great father...  that was all evident in pictures that I've seen, and in the few times that I actually met him....
What I didn't know, was that he actually lived his life in harmony, in harmony with himself, but most importantly in harmony with everyone else....  And he wished everyone else would do the same...  Today I learned that he understood what was important in his life, he understood that his family came first, this guy would do anything for his friends, and he was the first to lend a helping hand...  LIVE YOUR LIFE IN HARMONY is appearantly what he wanted... and he lived it everyday, (at least that's how everyone memorialized him)
"put your energy in what's important to you, YOUR family, YOUR kids, YOUR friends, YOUR life, and spread harmony, spread harmony everywhere you go, instead of worrying about what is going on in everyone else's lives, or why...  THAT is NOT important to YOU!"  (Pastor Dave, about what was important to James, and about what how James lived his life)
You never know when it will be too late...
GREAT LESSON to learn!
What a great way to remember someone,
How we survive is what makes us who we are!
As we stood in the driveway talking today I noticed this awesome
sunset... I shared it with Michael... What a GREAT painting God has painted for us on this day I told him...  I think it means everything is going to be ok....  ;) we both just stared at it, lost in our own thoughts...  I think Pastor Dave heard me, because he nodded his head too...  ;)
again, God's painted a beautiful picture for me.... This one reminded me that with Faith comes Hope, and it is only with faith and hope that we are able to continue on our journey....
"If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it."
Author Unknown
RIP James...  Thanks for reminding me/us what's important today, and thank you for always greeting me with that great big smile of yours, even though you hardly knew me....  BUT most IMPORTANTLY thank you for loving my friend and her babies the way they deserved to be LOVED...

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