Friday, September 30, 2011

AMAZING Friday!!

Have you ever woken up, in a GREAT mood, thinking that everything was completely right in the world, everything has fallen completely BACK into place, basically full of "HAPPY"? That was me today... woke up early, got ready for work, left for work earlier than usual, and then I got a phone call from my sister.... where was I? Fwy was closed... oh crap! All I could about was AWESOME! I leave super early and now I'm gonna be late to work... and I was... oh well it is what it is... right? At least I was hoping soooo... ;) I ended up taking the side streets along with thousands of others... BUT I did get to enjoy the most BEAUTIFUL sunrise sky... :) the colors were amazing... as I "crawled" on the road I started to thank God for ALL of the blessings he has given me, YES! Even the hard ones that I've questioned and that I have yet to understand... ;) somewhere in my "thank-you" thoughts I remembered to snap a few shots... we were going REALLY slow.... I was seriously AMAZED!! GREAT morning, and the BEAUTIFUL morning painting I got this morning was a GREAT way to give thanks, I am definitely blessed.... :) enjoy the pictures.... I certainly did.... :)


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