Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Sister Friend!!

Rosie, one of my oldest, bestest friends had a birthday, every year she plans this trip to fullerton uncorked, at the Arboretum at Cal State Fullerton, AND every year I hadn't been able to go...  I finally got to go this year and I was sad that I've missed out on this event for so long!!  :0  Let's just say that it was the best money I have EVER spent on a ticket, for 3 1/2 hours of wine and food!!  :)  I can't wait until next year!!!  :)
Here's to the beginning of our evening...  I'm white wine and she's red...  VERY fitting for both!!  ;)
It had always been a girls only event until now...  Sam got to join us too!!  ;)  sooooo it was a first for both of us...  and I think we were both pleased!  :)
"sister friends"!!  :)
We had our tickets...  and we were ready!!  ;)
....and cousin Lisa decided to come join us....  finally!!  ;)
We saw this on our way in....  "it's only 5:15 and we were already a case in"!  ;)  NOT really, but it sounded good!!  ;)

The fullerton arboretum has some of the coolest looking waterfalls, and plants ever...  Sam was siupposed to get the waterfall in the background...  Oh well, at least he got a good pic!!  ;)
So the event consisted of A LOT of FOOD and EVEN MORE WINE!!!  these ribs were seriously AMAZING!!!  and that's saying a lot...  I'm not usually a fan!!!  BUT I went back for seconds of these!!  ;)
Naturally Sam found the cigar table...  judging by the smile on his face, I would say he was rather pleased!!  ;)
mmmmmmmmmmmm.....  RIBS!!!  Now this is a girl after my own heart...  We seriously ate everything our little hearts desired, and a lot of it...    This was just a small sampler!  ;)
....and a little more samplers!!! 
the boys and their cigars...  yuck!
....and this is where the Phone picture, food/wine tour begins!!!  ;) 

This was seriously the BEST tomato Bisque I had EVER had...  :)
clam chowder wasn't bad either!!  ;)
Cupake chard, was NOT a favorite...  I think I dumped half of it...  :(
A little beer for the boys!
.....and it looks like we're still eating...  and wine-ing!!  ;)

Yep.... still there!!  ;)
Sampler anyone?
Then we got to stomp some grapes...  YAY!!  this is something I've ALWAYS wanted to do...  
It was just as gooey as I thought it would be...  One more thing to cross off that bucket list!  ;)

red wine anyone????  ;)
a solo??  might as well....  ;)
a little sampler of a lot of my favorites!  :)
I saw this at the store the other day...  and it DIDN'T look appealing AT ALL...  But I am here to tell you, that it was AMAZING!!!  :)
....and this one here was taken BEFORE our dancing adventure!!  haha!!  ;)
....and we found the gelato booth...  :D
.....and the mini cupcakes!
Gelato, wine, and red velvet cupcake...  PERFECT!
Here's to a fun-filled night....  :)  after this was over we ended up taking a taxi to downtown Fullerton, and hung out there for a while...  Man I had forgotten how much fun downtown is....  :)
I can't wait until next year!!  Happy Birthday Rosie.... 
We ended up staying the night out there, at a hotel on-campus...  (good thing), how convenient!!  ;)  I woke up early sunday morning, got ready, and went home, BUT first a quick stop at the ol' Starbucks off campus for a pumpkin spice latte, (I know this is no surprise)  and a pumpkin scone!!  can't really say I was at all impressed with the scone, and I've still yet to figure out why people loose their marbles for it??  :/

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