Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!!

My dad, is one of the hardest people I know, I truly believe that it is from him that we learned our work ethic, and he is also the one that taught me to be the independent person that I have become...  I know I've said this before, but I am EXTREMELY GRATEFUL for every holiday, Father's day, and Birthday that we get to spend with him...  LO QUIERO MUCHO DAD!! espero que lo alla pasado bien!  :)
Time for a family pic....  smile everyone!  ;)
 My dad LOVES dulce de leche, and he LOVES cheesecake, so I went ahead and made him one...  does it look pretty?  I kinda thought so!!  :) 
 AND he LOVED it, I thought it was good too, and my brother, Mr. "I don't do sweets," went back for seconds, so it must of been good, Gaby doesn't count, because she LOVES ALL treats!! ;) The recipe I used was pretty simple... You can find it here
My dad requested Paella, so my mom obliged with our help...  I helped to get the stuff ready before I left for Brody's party, and Mike and Gaby came and threw it all together, and cooked it...  It was DELICIOUS!!!  :)  Thanks mom for teaching us the "tricks"!  :)
The birthday boy...  he was excited for one of his favorite foods, and for being able to celebrate with all of us...  :) 
 There's a wise guy in EVERY family...  Mike's ours!!  ;)
 The show plate...  :)  doesn't it look yummy??  NO??  oh ok, sorry!!  ;)  I think this is one of my favorites too...  It's got chicken, shrimp, clams, mussels, and rice..  WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE??  ;)
 Birthday Cheesecake
 got the girl's on skype...  we're ready now guys!!!  ;)
 V was telling them a story.... and Lu was trying to figure out why we were on the computer!!  haha!
 This is how we do Birthday's around here!!  ;)
 Happy to you Chato!!  :)  I'm not sure but judging by my brother's face, storytime was still going on!  ;)
 ok....  bye guys!!!  ;) 
 ...then it was time for cheesecake!!  YUMMMMM!!!
Happy Birthday again Dad!  We hope you had a GREAT day!!  We LOVE you!!  :)

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