Monday, September 5, 2011

Things I was.....

...... GRATEFUL and THANKFUL for this last week  :)
This AMAZING little girl...  I am GRATEFUL that she LOVES Chato and Vero's house, as much as she does, it means we get to see her A LOT!!!  ;)  LOVE her stories, and the way she takes everything in!  :) 
....And Lulu too!!  I will get her picture up.... as soon as the "taker" sends it my way!!!  no pressure though!  ;)  She gives the BEST hugs...  I LOVE it!! 

Thank you Cousins for making the trip and bringing the girls for a visit...  see you "tomorrow, next weekend," as V said...  Oh how I wish we lived closer!  ;)
...And Miss Ella and the fun picture she drew me the other day!!  :)  And how excited she was for me to see it!  :)  This is what greeted me the other day when I came over...  ;)
....and a very special picture for me was inside!  ;)
....and I can't forget the boys...  Mr. Luke and the way he seems to find his way into my lap...  and the excitement on his face when he realized that my "iPod" had so many doors that still needed to be opened!  ;)
and Jakey boy and Brody and Mr. Owen and their hugs, and smiles!
....And the girls and their impromptu last minute lunches...  LOVE that I can drive up and meet them for lunch!  :)
...There was many a picture taken this week, I am definitely thankful that I am able to enjoy one of my favorite "past times," and that digital photography lets me take as many pictures as I want!  ;)
... How about D-land passes... thanks to those we got to spend the day there today!!  :D
...we were thankful that it wasn't crowded AT ALL!!
Not so thankful for the humidity though!  ;)
weddings, and fun parties
old friends
my parents
Michael, and his willingness to always HELP me!!  :)  LOVE you Michael!  :D
cake pops, as wedding favors, and their popularity! I still can't believe people were stealing them!!  haha!!
Naps, I actually needed one this last week...  it was a LONG one!
and finally today this BEAUTIFUL sky after sunset...  good job taking the pic Bea, and thanks for sharing...  :)  I was busy taking pics with the camera!  ;)  I will post those later!  ;)
We totally enjoyed the sky while the Chavi got packed up and ready to go home!  :(
I LOVE sky's like these...  they're soul and mind cleansing, and I feel like after enjoying such a beautiful afternoon I am ready to take on the coming week...  :)  as we stood outside saying our goodbyes and enjoying the view, I thanked God for always being generous to my family and I...  and for always keeping us safe...  and for always painting such beautiful "pictures" for us to enjoy everyday!!!
here's to the beginning of what is going to be a VERY BUSY week!!  I think I'm ready!!  ;)  Have a good one everyone!!  :)

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