Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's wedding time.....

.....again!!  ;) (I feel like I've attended a wedding at least once every couple of months this year!!)
This time it was my cousin Alan and his wife Chrissie
 She's English... so we started the night with these yummy cucumber sandwiches..  It was VERY appropriate, and they may very well be my new favorite!  :)
 More cousins!  haha!  these guys crack me up!  :)
 The pretty table settings!
 The reception was at someone's house... and I fell in LOVE with their backyard waterfall!  ;)  it was BEAUTIFUL!
The "couple" table
Bea and gramma Grace!
This is one of my favorites!  ;)
.....Then we used the waterfall as a backdrop!  ;)
....and i decided to board the titanic!!  haha!!  it was too funny not to post!  ;)
Oh you meant we should of smiled??  like this?? 
haha!!  my mom wasn't feeling good and couldn't come, but my aunts kept my dad entertained...  :)

Me and Tanya!
awww...  Love him!!  :)
my dad and gramma Grace!
Chrissie wore purple shoes under her dress...  :)  CUTE!
The bride!
I fell IN LOVE with these flowers at the entrance....  :)
soooo pretty!
....the BIGGEST bottle of tequila made it's debut as the afternoon moved in...  and YES, they/we/everyone polished it before the night was over...  HONESTLY!!
Time for a toast!

The first dance!
they were so cute!  :)
Time for the father-daughter dance!

.....and the mother-son dance

LOVE these pictures of my cousin and aunt!  :)
Time for a picture with Dad!
The sunset from the backyard was seriously awesome!
....Then it was time to start the dance party!  I will let the rest of these pics do the talking...  ;)
....then again maybe not, ;)  chit-chatting on the dance floor!

The sun/sky was beautiful!  :)


Alex and Natalie
The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree!!  ;)
....still dancing!!  haha!

...stirring the pot, stirring!!!  haha!
....after the sun set, the sky was awesome, so Natalie and I took a minute to go take pics with the sky behind us!!  ;)
Here's to another fun wedding celebration!!  :)
and here are a few "sunset" pictures from my phone!!  ;)
It was seriously BREATHTAKING!
Here's to another fun family filled fun night...  complete with a beautifully painted sky!!  :)
One more wedding down....  one more to go!!  ;)


C@r!ie said...

looks like a fun wedding!!! Nice pictures!

maria said...

Thanks, it really was! :)