Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cake pop wedding favors

Charles, one of my oldest college friends got married...  :)  I couldn't be happier for him and Angie his new wife...  :)  Angie mentioned that she would LOVE to have cake pops as "favors" for her wedding, she asked me if I would make them...  Naturally I said yes!  How exciting!  :)  So Gaby and I set out to make these for Charles and Angie's BIG day!!  :)  THANK YOU SISTER for all of your help...  and THANK YOU Michael and Mom too!   I NEVER would of been able to make all of these without you guys' help!!  ;)  Thank you for dipping, wrapping and tying with me until all hours of the night!!  ;)
mmmmmm....  strawberry pops!!  :)
...we packaged them in plastic baggies...
...and attached a "mr. and mrs." tag to all of them with the ribbon we used to tie around them!!  :)

We ended up having to make some yellow one's with silver sprinkles...  THESE one's were MY favorite!!  I LOVED the way they looked!  :)

...Ready for delivery!  :)
I still can't believe that people were stealing other people's pops left and right...  haha!!  I'm glad everyone enjoyed them...  and Thanks Charles and Angie for letting us make these for you...  and lastly thanks again Gaby, Mom and Michael...  I am sure I wouldn't of been able to get all 150 of these guys done without your help!!  :)

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