Monday, September 5, 2011

Another BEAUTIFUL sunset!

.....and a see you "tomorrow, next weekend"
The things kids say truly AMAZE me...  My cousin and the family made the drive down to spend time with us during the holiday weekend...  We truly enjoyed ourselves, we swam, went to D-land and just mainly hung out...  It's ALWAYS hard to watch them go, and everytime they do we all wish they lived just a little closer!!  ;)  After spending our day at D-land and then swimming they packed up and were getting ready to go on their way...  while we were all outside we got to experience the most BEAUTIFUL sky, complete with a rainbow...  :)
 I was a little late getting to it...  but you can kinda see it!!  ;)

 The girls with their "nina's"!!  ;)  and Hundley, the new member of the family!!  and YES!  he made the roadtrip too!!  ;)
 My mom with her girls...  where was Bea??  :/  I posted all 3 because I couldn't pick a "favorite"!  ;)

 .....and back to the sky!!  seriously how AWESOME is it??
 Lu and her nina...  Look at all that hair!!
 "whutcha doing BIG sister?"
 she gives the BEST besitos ever!!  :)
 why hello there palm tree... and sky!!

....and with that we said our good byes, and V promised to come back "tomorrow next weekend!"  I heard she was not happy when the weekend came and she realized she wasn't coming down here!  :(  She had it all planned out too!!  ;)

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